Connecting 28th / 24th Avenues South

Client: City of SeaTac

Role: Lead Roadway Engineer | CH2M

Dates: June 2012 to December 2015

Stephanie served as the roadway design lead for this critical segment of 28th/24th. The project completes the gap that currently exists from 28th to the southern limits of SeaTac where the project terminates at Des Moines’ Gateway Project on 24th. The project was the missing link that now provides an alternate north-south movement for freight movement and residents in lieu of International Blvd (SR 99). This project begins at S 200th St. and is considered traffic mitigation for Sound Transit’s Angle Lake Link Light Rail Station and will serve as a direct route into the south end of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Stephanie’s roadway design consists of a five-lane section, planter strips and shared-use paths. In addition, she also designed the roadway to be forward compatible with WSDOT’s future SR 509 plans which will have a full interchange at 28th/24th. This includes building a bridge, a tunnel, and the adjacent roadway on 40-feet of embankment fill to meet future vertical clearance requirements. The project is also located adjacent to acres of developable land including the future site of the Des Moines Creek Business Park, and the roadway is being designed to accommodate future business access locations.