Our Industry Involvement

WTS – Women’s Transportation Seminar

Dates: May 2009 – Present


Since 2009 Stephanie has been actively engaged in WTS serving many committee and executive board positions. Her involvement in WTS has provided years of leadership opportunities including serving as the WTS Puget Sound Chapter President from 2017 to 2018. The WTS Puget Sound Chapter honored Stephanie’s contribution to WTS with the Member of the Year Award in 2021. Stephanie was also awarded with WTS International Member of the Year Award for 2020-2021.


WTS is a non-profit organization aimed at advancing, sustaining, and connecting women’s careers to strengthen the transportation industry – a mission that Stephanie feels passionate about. WTS has given her the chance to be a leader in the industry while gaining a broad professional network throughout the Puget Sound and across the US. Among other things, WTS has allowed Stephanie to connect with industry leaders, fundraise for scholarships, participate in youth outreach and STEM awareness, attend and facilitate programs, and articulate her own experiences at public speaking events. WTS has and continues to provide Stephanie with invaluable experiences throughout the tenure of her career.




2021: WTS Puget Sound Member of the Year


2020-2021: WTS International Member of the Year




2017-2018: WTS Puget Sound Chapter President


2013-2022: WTS Puget Sound Board Member


2023-Present: WTS Puget Sound Advisory Board Member



APWA – American Public Works Association 

Dates: May 2005 to Present

In addition to WTS, Stephanie also is an active member of the APWA Washington Chapter. Her involvement includes being a member of the transportation committee, creating conference panel sessions, moderating conference sessions, presenting at conferences, authoring magazine articles, attending events and participating in organized sports. APWA is an international educational and professional association of public agencies and private sector companies dedicated to providing high quality public works goods and services.


Read Stephanie’s article on Bus Rapid Transit in the Fall 2019 APWA Chapter Magazine.


2023-Present: Co-chair Transportation Committee

2018-2023: Transportation Committee Member