Auburn Way South (SR 164) Corridor & Safety Improvements – Dogwood St SE to Fir St SE (2 projects)

Client: City of Auburn

Role: Lead Roadway Engineer & Design Manager | CH2M

Dates: March 2012 to December 2015

This project improves access management, creates u-turns, upgrades transit stops and street lighting. It also widens Auburn Way South (SR 164) to accommodate turn lanes, pedestrians and bicycles. Sidewalks and pedestrian push buttons are being upgraded to meet current ADA standards including countdown pedestrian signals and audible pedestrian push buttons. Traffic signals are also being upgraded to improve both phasing and signal head visibility. Utility undergrounding and waterline improvements are being accomplished as part of this project as well. Stephanie’s work as the lead roadway engineer and design manager not only includes coordination of the design disciplines, but also leading the roadway including WSDOT requirements including Channelization Plans for Approval and Design Variance Documentation.