SR 518 Off-Ramp to Des Moines Memorial Drive

Client: WSDOT & City of Burien

Role: Lead Roadway Engineer / Design Manager | CH2M

Dates: October 2012 to December 2018

Stephanie served as the lead roadway engineer and design manager for the interchange of SR 518 and Des Moines Memorial Drive. This work included designing a new eastbound SR 518 off-ramp and the realignment of the eastbound SR 518 on-ramp that was developed by WSDOT in the 2010 Route Development Plan. As the roadway manager, Stephanie also led the geometric design of the WSDOT Interchange Justification Report (IJR) which included eight ramp design alternatives at the interchange. Her work also included WSDOT Channelization Plans for Approval, Design Variances and a Practical Design Analysis. This project includes a new bridge over 8th St SE, significant retaining walls, and minimizing right-of-way impacts to adjacent contaminated soils. Her work included multi-agency coordination with the following stakeholders: Port of Seattle, Department of Ecology, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), City of Burien, and WSDOT.

The City of Burien led the project from preliminary design to the 90% design level, but once the project received legislature funding from Connection Washington Package WSDOT became the owner of the project.  In 2017, Stephanie completed a BRT Capacity Alternatives Assessment for WSDOT to be forward compatible with future ST3 plans.  Stephanie’s tenure on the project concluded after providing services during construction.

SR 519 Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock

Client – WSDOT (Washington State Ferries)

Role: Lead Roadway & Multimodal Engineer | CH2M

Dates: May 2014 to February 2016

Stephanie led the multimodal design of Colman Dock’s preliminary design. Her work on this project consisted of methodical design solutions for all travel modes including vehicles, heavy trucks, pedestrians and bicyclists on the dock and at the intersections of Yesler Way and Marion Street. This work successfully integrated design standards from SDOT’s recently published Bike and Pedestrian Master Plans as well as WSDOT Design Manual, which has given Colman Dock a multimodal design while maintaining the integrity of the vision of both Washington State Ferries and City of Seattle.

I-405 / I-5 TO SR 169 Stage 2 Widening & SR 515 Interchange – Design Build

Client: WSDOT

Role: Roadway Engineer – Segment Lead | CH2M

Dates: August 2008 to June 2010

Stephanie was the roadway design engineer for the Roadway Design Plans as well as the Channelization Plans of this $84 million design-build project. Stephanie optimized three of WSDOT’s RFP Design Deviations to reduce the project scope, schedule and budget. The project consists of a new half-diamond interchange on I-405 at SR 515 (Talbot Road), improved access ramps to the I-405 interchanges at SR 167 and SR 169, constructed one additional auxiliary lane on I-405 in each direction between SR 167 and SR 169, and reconstructed the Benson Road Bridge over I-405. Stephanie’s work included coordination with the City of Renton and WSDOT staff to complete the goals of the project while minimizing the footprint and impacts to adjacent right of way and sensitive areas.

SR 520 W. Lake Sammamish Pkwy to SR 202 Interchange & HOV Project

Client: WSDOT

Role: Roadway Engineer | CH2M

Dates: April 2007 to July 2009

Stephanie served as the roadway design engineer for the Paving Design, Roadway Sections, Roadway Profiles, Summary of Quantities, as well as Engineer’s Estimate plans in the Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E). This work included pursuing and optimizing the roadway design and footprint to minimize environmental impacts and concerns since the project is bounded by Bear Creek to the north as well as numerous wetland and sensitive areas. Stephanie developed the three Design Deviations, an Evaluate Upgrade, a Project Analysis and multiple technical memorandums for the Design Documentation Package. She also coordinated with WSDOT, the internal design departments and subconsultant designers on design issues as well as managed quantities, bid items and estimates for the entire project. This project widens both directions of SR 520, and completes the SR 202 and West Lake Sammamish Parkway interchanges. The SR 520/SR 202 interchange was upgraded to tie into our previously designed Stage 3A direct access flyover ramp from westbound SR 202 to SR 520.

Other DOT & Design Build Roles

Other Department of Transportation & Design Build projects that Stephanie has worked on includes:

I-670 / I-71 System Interchange Reconstruction – Design Build

Client: Ohio DOT

Role: Roadway Engineer | CH2M

Dates: June 2011 to June 2012

SR 202 to SR 520 Flyover Project

Client: WSDOT

Role: Roadway Engineer | CH2M

Dates: May 2006 to January 2007